Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

The following are the terms and conditions (“these terms”) applicable to the goods and services provided by Cool Cloud Maintenance Pty. Ltd. T/As Cool Freeze Cooling & Appliances (“Cool Freeze”) to any customer (“Customer”). Please read them carefully before using the service as all dealings between Cool Freeze and Customer are subject to these terms unless otherwise specified.


Quotations provided to customer by Cool Freeze are valid for 28 days from the date of the quote. Cool Freeze reserves the right to cancel or withdraw a quotation at any time. 


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure sufficient access to location where unit/appliance is to be installed.  The Customer must acknowledge that planned installation location or process may need to be changed if structural limiting factors and the customer must agree to pay the cost of extra labour or parts required. The customer must acknowledge that delivery and installation times provided by Cool Freeze are estimates only and may be varied.


The customer must acknowledge that repair times provided by Cool Freeze are estimates only and may be varied.

For workshop repairs, Cool Freeze reserves the right to take possession of the appliance if:

  • the customer refuses to pay for the repair,
  • the customer is uncontactable for more than 28 days despite repeated efforts

Payment terms

Full Payment must be made upon completion of job and presentation of invoice unless otherwise agreed. The customer acknowledges and agrees to pay a deposit prior to repair/installation.

Cool Freeze reserves the right to charge late payment fees, administration fee and legal costs for recovering overdue accounts. Cool Freeze reserves the right to suspend or cancel scheduled services if the customer has overdue account.

Service charge

Cool freeze reserves the right to charge a service call even in the following circumstances:

  • No fault was found at the time of inspection or
  • The fault was user-related and not a defect; or
  • The quote to repair is declined; or
  • Parts required to complete the repair are no longer available from the manufacturer and/or supplier; or
  • Booking is cancelled without a 24hr notice; or
  • The customer fails to make themselves available, or, provide Cool Freeze safe access to the property at the time of booking


Cool Freeze provides labour warranty for a period of 6 months from the date of invoice unless otherwise specified in writing. Parts are subject to manufacturer’s warranty and conditions and Cool Freeze shall not be liable to any party as a manufacturer.

The warranties against defects shall be null and void, in the following circumstances:

  • If the appliance or part has been subject to normal wear and tear due to use;
  • Damage due to user negligence and misuse;
  • Other problems that may occur in the appliance but are not caused by the part originally replaced by Cool Freeze;
  • Damage due to electrical issues like power surge or acts of nature (eg. flood, fire etc);
  • Failure on part of the customer to report the defect in a timely manner;
  • Any repairs or dismantling carried out by customer or third party
  • Any goods or parts provided by customer


Cool Freeze reserves the right to take possession of goods until full payment is made by the customer. In the event of non-payment by the customer, Cool Freeze reserves the right to enter customer’s premises and retake possession of goods and resell or dispose them off as it seems fit.

Damage Waiver

Excepting cases of gross negligence, the customer agrees to waive every liability associated with damage that may occur to the appliance or surrounding areas when moving an appliance for service, repair or installation.

Cool Freeze will not be held liable for any property damages due to or related to equipment or failure of equipment

The customer agrees and acknowledges that refrigeration breakdown may lead to spoilt food and Cool Freeze shall not be responsible for any lost income (commercial context) or cost associated with replenishing the products.


The customer is responsible for providing Cool freeze technicians and subcontractors a hazard free environment to work. Failure to do so will lead to cessation of work until all hazards are cleared to the satisfaction of Cool Freeze.


The customer agrees to exempt Cool Freeze from any liability associated with

  • Delays in delivery of goods purchased from third parties,
  • Delays in carrying out a service due to weather conditions,
  • Delays or cancellations due to safety issues,
  • Refuse or materials left behind after the job unless otherwise agreed.


Cool Freeze reserves the right to subcontract all or part of the services unless otherwise specified in a written agreement.

Website usage terms


Cool Freeze has ownership or licence of use of all content on this website unless otherwise specified. Authorisation of use must be sought from Cool Freeze before reproduction, re-use or modification of the content.


Cool Freeze does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of content on this website and the information assessed through links on this website

Limitation of Liability

The information provided on this website does not constitute medical, legal or financial advice and users should not rely exclusively on any such information or advice. Cool Freeze will not be liable to for any damages whatsoever arising as a result of usage of this website.

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